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BICAP Mission March 5, 2010

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Boston Institute for Culturally Affirming Practices

BICAP is a multiracial and multicultural group of scholars, researchers, and practitioners, committed to culturally affirming practices that encourage strong, respectful, and productive intercultural relationships.

BICAP’s work addresses cultural differences along dimensions of:

  • Race
  • Class
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ability/Disability
  • Ethnicity/Nationality
  • Citizenship/Immigration status

Over years together, BICAP has built strong, respectful, and productive relationships with each other through honest, open, curious and caring dialogue. Applying our clinical skills and our experiences with difference, we help clients learn how to draw strength from differences, by offering facilitated dialogues to professionals, organizations, and the general public

Our Assumptions

Participation in our programs will help clients to

  • Look critically at accepted wisdom about differences, using lenses of power and social justice
  • Recognize how accepted wisdom is unwittingly reproduced in individual and group consciousness
  • Learn how to collaborate across dimensions of difference and power to build productive, just, and mutually compassionate relationships